Pricing and Materials

All products are certified to last 75 years without fading. 

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Canvas printing, or Giclee printing (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a process in which a picture or photograph is printed on a piece of high-quality canvas and then stretched around a hardwood frame. Canvas prints feature in art galleries across the world.

The material we use:

The canvas we use is imported from North America. It is the same canvas which leading art-galleries use to display their pictures. It is the best canvas in the market because it is: 

  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • Bright white in colour – this is perfect for showcasing brilliant hues and sharp definition.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Archival rated to 75+ years.
  • Heavyweight (more like denim than the bed-sheet-like imitation which other print-makers use).
  • More textured than most canvases on the market.

The stretch-frames we use:

Great quality framing gives your canvas print the stylish final touch. We pride ourselves on hand-crafting frames that are:

  • Made of kiln-dried meranti, the frames are made to last and look good as new for the life of the print – quite unlike the pine wood which other print companies use.
  • Resistant to twisting, warping and other defects.
  • Uniform in appearance and sourced from renewable forests – so the timber is straight-grained and uniform.
  • Finely profiled - we profile both sides of the timber. This way your prints will sit perfectly flat against the wall and show no visible framing line on the front of the canvas.

Our attention to detail:

Our specialised finishing adds that final touch to complete your master piece.

This includes:

  • Careful, fine trimming of excess canvas
  • Finishing the back of the print with 100% acid-free tape to provide dust protection. 
  • Inserting high-quality sturdy hooks, along with a slender plastic-covered stainless-steel chain to facilitate easy and safe hanging.

The inks we use:

Our Epson Ultrachrome Inks are capable of producing a very wide spectrum of colours, hues and shades. These inks have been tested by the Wilhelm Institute, and are guaranteed to remain vibrant for at least 75 years.

The applied finish we use:

All our canvas prints receive a coating of premium North-American laminate at no extra cost. Our specialised equipment ensures an even and smooth coating of laminate.

 Lamination gives your print:

  • Protection against dust, water and inquisitive fingers.
  • Excellent protection against fading – 75 years.
  • Anti-fungal compounds that restrict the growth of mould.
  • Anti-graffiti properties.
  • Protection from abrasion, bumps and scratches.

Why choose canvas prints?

There are a number of benefits to having your images printed on canvas, rather than traditional photo papers.

  • The canvas prints we create are rated to last between 75 and 200 years without fading. All of the components that go into making these prints are acid free and independently tested to be archival.
  • Canvas prints can be created in any shape or size. Traditional prints are typically limited to specific sizes (eg 8x10, 16x20 etc). We can create a canvas print in just about any dimension you require.
  • Canvas prints do not suffer from the reflection that you get from a traditionally framed print. Often, it is very difficult to see the image behind a glass frame as the ambient light reflect off the front of the frame. Canvas prints are not framed behind glass and can therefore be viewed from any angle without distracting reflections.
  • The cost of canvas printing is less than having your images printed traditionally and professionally framed. It is faster than getting an image printed and framed therefore it should get to you quicker.
  • Canvas prints are lighter and easier to hang than traditional framed prints.
  • Canvas printing offers a modern look that does not require you to match frames to you furniture and other decor. They look great in just about any location.



Fine art paper is an exquisite way of displaying your chosen artwork. Using museum quality fine art paper, professional print and colour management all with a 75 year guarantee you can rest assured you are getting the finest art prints in Singapore.

Fine art paper is very different from standard paper. Normal paper is made by crushing timber into pulp, then refining it to create paper. While great for photocopying, paper made this way is not suitable for fine art reproduction. The wood pulp contains lots of impurities that reduce the lifespan of the print significantly.

Instead of wood pulp our fine art papers are made from 100% cotton rag. This is high grade cotton which has been rolled into an extremely high quality printing paper. The method for making fine art paper has been refined in Europe at paper mills for hundreds of years.

Our fine art papers are comparable to premium products such as Hamemule 308. We take this paper and print on it using the latest K3 Ultrachrome Inks from Epson. 

This ink/paper combination is certified to last 75 years without fading.