What do two Premier Mindset Coaches and an Award Winning Artist have in common?

We believe that every human being on the planet needs to have a positive identity and be aware of the impact they can have on the world.

Often we are given labels by our parents, teachers and other authority figures in our younger years and sometimes those labels can inhibit us as we grow and develop. Particularly if there are siblings in the same family, it’s so easy to differentiate by saying things like ‘he’s the sporty one’ ‘he’s the academic one’ or even worse ‘she’s the shy one’ or ‘she’s the bossy one’. Our identity is our sense of who we are and it organises our beliefs, capabilities and behaviours. Any adjective that comes after the words I AM can either empower us or hold us back.


We believe that each one of us is here to make a difference in this world and it starts at the very basic level of us knowing that we are enough. Just like a tree which grows individually, perfectly imperfect.


The I AM Series is an artistic medium designed to reach a wide audience of children and adults who would love the gift of being given a visual reminder of who they are on a daily basis.

‘Until we make the unconscious conscious it will direct our

lives and we will call it fate’

Carl Jung - Founder of Analytical Psychology

The power of I AM is that it speaks directly to our unconscious mind and it directs our lives without being consciously aware of it. It’s important from a young age that we honour and live the ‘labels’ that we believe resonate with us, knowing that one's identity is a passport for self confidence and self esteem.  The joy of having adjectives that describe who you are is empowering and can become a self- fulfilling positive prophecy.


Every child has a legacy to offer the world and I AM is a gift to anyone to grow with that love and understanding to be able to live their destiny.


The I AM Series began in 2017 as a labour of love to children. It was Charmaine’s daughter's’ 9th birthday and she wondered what gift could she give to her child that is meaningful, inspirational and timeless. Something that could be treasured and be displayed in her bedroom at 9 years old, her University rooms at 18 years and in her choice of office at 28 years plus.

I AM is a gift for all ages, whether it’s a young early reader who loves to find and learn new positive vocabulary about themselves, or a teenager who is struggling to come to terms with who they are growing into.  


I AM is a gift for everyone at any age as it’s never too late to decide who you want to be. Yes, we can decide at any stage of our lives and then as we evolve into who we want to be it is powerful and liberating.


‘Whatever follows the I AM will eventually find you.’ Joel Osteen- American televangelist.


Some of you might already be aware of the benefits of positive affirmations, Louise Hay ( American Motivational Author and founder of Hay House) explains, ‘An affirmation is really anything you say or think, every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of our self-talk, our internal dialogue, is a stream of affirmations. You’re using affirmations every moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought.’


Wouldn’t you wish to gift those who are close to you a personalised identification of who they are and who they are becoming?

Wouldn’t it be great if each one of us was regularly reminded of who we are and who we can be? That’s right!

The world needs healing and it starts with us knowing that I AM enough and can be whatever I tell myself I AM.

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